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Nemo's Plumbing is your local Maidenhead & Berkshire oil heating specialist, we are fully registered with OFTEC and of course - we are fully insured.

We cover everything from a boiler service to a complete oil heating system installation.

When was your boiler last serviced?

Oil boilers are complex electro-mechanical systems and need to be serviced on an annual basis. If they are not regularly serviced the following problems can occur;

  • Increased oil consumption due to partially blocked nozzles and filters
  • Increased amounts of CO2 and pollutants due to incorrect air/fuel mix
  • Increased breakdowns due to lack of routine maintenance
  • Increased costs!!

What does a boiler service involve?

A full service includes the following items;

  • Strip down and clean of the oil burner unit, repalcement of the nozzle
  • Check spark electrodes
  • Check of oil pressure
  • Check of photo cell
  • Check flexible oil line and replace if necessary
  • Strip down and thorough clean the combustion chamber and baffels
  • Check seals and gaskets, replace if necessary
  •  Measurement and adjustment (if necessary) of the air/fuel mix to ensure the
  • boiler operates at maximum efficiency and is SAFE.
  • Inspection of flue and discharge pipes
  • Inspection of oil tank, replacement of line filters where necessary.

How much will it cost?

A 'typical' boiler service takes approximately 2hrs, although if it's been many years since it was last serviced it can take a little longer. For details on our hourly rates please see the Company Rates page.

In addition to our time, the atomisting nozzle in the burner, the oil line filters and sometimes the flexi oil hose are routinely replaced as part of a service. The cost for these parts is approximately £15 - £25.

So, a typical service will cost approximately 2hrs labour + £15 - £25 in parts.

Please note however, that on some services additional parts may be required which will incure additional costs. These costs will be discussed with you at the time of the service, so there should be no nasty surprises at the end.